Halotestin is a tablet steroid with potent androgenic activity and very moderate anabolic properties. First released in 1956, in traditional medicine the drug was used to treat burns, fractures and dystrophy, and after increased drug control – exclusively for the treatment of inoperable breast cancer. First of all, weightlifters decide to buy Halotestin, for whom it is important to increase their strength indicators, while remaining in a relatively unchanged weight category.

Solo course of Halotestin

Effects of Halotestin

Among the positive effects of taking halotestin should be noted:

  • Power potential is growing rapidly.
  • The processes of lipolysis are actively accelerated.
  • The relief of muscles improves.
  • The working capacity increases.
  • It is a powerful anti-catabolic.
  • Increases the aggressiveness of the athlete.

Due to these properties, the drug is in high demand in powerlifting, weightlifting and martial arts.

Halotestin (fluoxymesterone) regimens

There are many different regimens for taking fluoxymesterone, both in the course of solo and in combination with other steroids. Beginners are advised to take the drug for eight weeks at 30 mg daily, and in the ninth week you need to start post-cycle therapy. It is desirable to combine the main steroid with tamoxifen (20 mg per day). It will reduce the rollback after the course. Note that this reception scheme is designed only for an increase in strength indicators, but not a set of masses.

To build muscle, fluoxymesterone is combined with primobolan and trenbolone enanthate. Also, the steroid is often used pointwise, off course.

Halotestin (fluoxymesterone) regimens
  • increase strength indicators – the main purpose of the drug;
  • increase endurance – occurs by stimulating the production of hemoglobin;
  • increase the hardness and elasticity of muscle tissue – is achieved as a result of taking the drug pointwise in the last days before the competition.

How to take Halotestin

This anabolic is most often used solo. Athletes prefer to use it immediately before the start of participation in tournaments. So in bodybuilding, with its help, you can significantly improve the relief of muscles. This anabolic is also quite popular among lifters with weightlifters, as it allows you to quickly increase your strength potential.

The course of Fluoxymesterone is a rarity. Most often, the drug is used pointwise, immediately before the competition. The optimal dosage of the steroid is 10 milligrams per day, the limit is 20. It is advisable to use Halotestin for a short-term increase in aggression and speed-strength indicators.

A slight weight loss is also possible, but this is rather a secondary effect.

From weeks 1 to 8, the daily dosage of halo is 20 milligrams.

From weeks 1 to 8, take tamoxifen 20 milligrams daily.

This course will allow you to significantly increase your strength characteristics. However, there will be no increase in muscle mass. Tamoxifen was introduced into the course solely to minimize the rollback effect. Starting from the ninth week, after the withdrawal of fluoxymesterone, be sure to start PCT.

As for how to take Halotestin in combination with other AAS, the combinations have almost no advantages. The use of steroids by women is not recommended.


If we talk about the daily dosage, then it should be no more than 20 mg. Then you do not have to worry about the condition of the liver. This is the maximum amount that must not be exceeded. The course of admission can last a maximum of 42 days, but it is better to use it no longer than a month.

It is advisable to use Halotest during active sports, before competitions, in order to maintain strength, shape and energy.


Intake (for men):

Athletes use it at a dose of 5 mg to 40 mg per day for 2-4-6 weeks. Due to its specific features, it is popular in many sports: martial arts, athletics, hockey, power sports, etc. The use in bodybuilding is rather doubtful, because there are safer drugs.

Solo course

The recommended daily dosage of the steroid is in the range of 0-40 mg. At the same time, many athletes prefer to use the “ladder” scheme. If you have not used this drug before, we recommend starting with the lowest dose. This will determine the body’s response to Fluoxymesterone with minimal health risks.

The duration of the course is 2-4 weeks. We strongly do not recommend using this steroid for a longer period of time due to a significantly increased risk of side effects. At the same time, the effectiveness of the course with the use of large dosages will not change. After discontinuation of the drug, it is mandatory to carry out restorative therapy.

What are the side effects of Halotestin (fluoxymesterone)?

Fluoxymesterone due to high androgenic activity can cause baldness, acne, prostate hypertrophy. It is strictly not recommended for women to take it because of the pronounced virilization.

It is also believed that the steroid increases the risk of malignant tumors. This assumption of scientists has not yet been proven, but it is because of it that the steroid is not recommended for use for a long time.

The drug is able to have a strong inhibitory effect on the genital arc and suppress the process of testosterone production, so PCT should not be neglected after taking it.