Problems Caused by Fraud

Many privately funded insurance plans exist besides government health insurance funds i.e. Medicare and Medicaid.  In fact these two programs cover 95 million of Americans with the estimated cost of more than $600 billion per year.  The rise of health care costs are primarily concerned with the Health Care Fraud and false claims as many people act against federal and state false claims. At about $25 billion has been recovered as a result of false claims which indicates that the abnormal wastage of public funds. The Federal and State False Claims Act prohibit Health Care Frauds.

On every year, the United States spending more than $2 trillion on health care. The estimations of National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association reveal that at least more than 3% of such spending is lost towards Health Care Fraud. The loss directly impacts patients besides contributors like taxpayers and government. In fact, the Health Care Fraud is a national problem and it affects to all persons directly or indirectly. The lost of billions of dollars on health care fraud lead to increase more costs on health care, thereby more contributions should be paid by the people during forthcoming years.