What is Health Care Fraud?

Filing of dishonest health care claims to gain profit termed as health care fraud. It is one type of white-collar crime.  The Health Care Fraud can be formed in many ways. Even accepting or giving kickbacks for member referrals also be a Health Care Fraud. The members may commit Health Care Fraud by providing false information while applying for programs. Selling prescription drugs, using transportation benefits, using another’s insurance card are some of the examples of Health Care Fraud. At about 3 to 10 percent of on health care expenditure is being lost towards Health Care Fraud.

If you’ve been charged with Health Care fraud which is a criminal offense, Las Vegas DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Lawyers can work with you on your case. Generally in Las Vegas criminal lawyers are also experts in DUI cases those allowing them dual roles in helping those have been accused of various crimes. There are many situations which health care fraud can be determined, and it’s up to you to work with your criminal and dui lawyer to set the record straight so you can get the results you’re looking for, when dealing with the charges. In DUI cases many of the same court procedures are introduced as with criminal cases. Thus this enables your Las Vegas DUI Lawyers to also handle any criminal cases as DUI laws fall under the same criminal code.

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The Healthcare Fraud is an intentional or deliberate submission false claims to acquire illicit gain.  The wide groups of people belonging to various sectors commit the Healthcare Fraud. Hence there is chance to commit the fraud from individual patients to employees of healthcare providers.

How Can Lawyers Help Prevent and Fight Health Care Fraud

The state and federal investigators increased efforts to curb the Health Care Fraud. The attorneys also work with the medical billing experts, medical professionals etc to defend the doctors and health care providers who are charged with the Health Care Fraud. Particularly the attorneys try to get right code to win the case as many cases found confused with the Current Procedural Terminology or Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System while classifying medical treatment or purchase of medical equipment.

The lawyers represents the doctors, dentists and other associates including HMOs and clinics when they have been charged with Health Care Fraud  in connection with over billing, upcoding, unbundling, double billing, HIPAA violations and Medicare and Medicaid Insurance Fraud. The lawyers also counter the investigation as the selection of code may intentional by the client. Due to lack of medical knowledge and complexity of CPT codes, the investigators conclude with misconstruction the pattern of billing for fraud.

If the person has been accused with the Health Care Fraud, the counsel’s assistance is required to plead diligently to defend the client. The attorneys will help the clients to overcome the situation by way of valid defense. The experienced lawyer understands the healthcare industry laws and can apply suitable interpretation to win the case in case if the client is an innocent in connection with the Health Care Fraud. The attorney provides assistance in all stages of investigation and also advises the client about limit of sharing information with the investigators.  The attorneys also ensure to protect the clients rights.